Review of relevant bibliography

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In my case, the topic with which I have been working for the entire IM subject has been food.  I believe that my references matched the other information in the group well and was not redundant since we have coordinated our research efforts ahead of time. My group was prepared, mostly each member has contributed equally in the project and has collected information from a variety of sources that were solid and relevant to our topic. Here you can find an evidence of the effort that has been made:

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But references were not only posted in Wikilittera, my Refwork and Flow account are also full of references which are related to this topic. This references have been also transfered to my wikipedia Sandbox -english and spanish- that can be seen below:

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All in all, it has to be taken into account that these references and new ones have been promoted via my Twitter account. The subject has been about knowledge and references and relevant bibliography are key.

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